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2018 Results

March 31, 2018

We travled to Easley SC to Foothills Speedway  Friday Night to run for the second time ever. The 33  PRC Recon driven by Marty Dixon won Super Heavy and a lead most of the race in Sumo Heavy drove off in the corner to hard and come up with a second place finish.

April 20, 2018

Back to Foothills Speedway to kickoff the Summer Points series the night started off slow. Marty Dixon in th number 33 PRC Recon house kart in  Super Heavy started on the Pole  in the main unfoutanley our throttle was not opening up all the way and got a Second place finish in Super Heavy. We led the Sumo Race we lead flag to flag and picked up a win.

April 21, 2018

Dixon Kart racing rolled into Georgia Karting Komplex after a long  night racing in South Carolina.  Last time we had a Kart at GKK was nearly 20 years ago for Thanks Giving Thunder. With that being said Driver Marty Dixon run Super Heavy, Pro Super Heavy and Sumo. We made the field in every race and had some decent finishes and was  satisfied with our performace.

April 27, 2018

Dixon Kart Racing was in action again Friday night at Foothills Speedway for points race #2. Driver Marty Dixon run a strong race leading several laps of the Super Heavy Main event. Finishing with a strong 2nd place puting him in the points lead for the summer points series.

May 4, 2018

Dixon Kart Racing headed over to Foothills for Points Race #3. Driver Marty Dixon had the #33 on point for the main event. He turned his fastest lap ever at Foothills Speedway and won the main event and hopefully secured a good lead in the points. New Driver Lucuas Bynum took the wheel for the first time in Clone Heavy and had a good run. Finishing 6 th out of 7 Karts for the Maini event. 

May 11, 2018

Dixon Kart Racing  headed over to Foothills in Easely, SC for Ethan Mazrky to run his first race as new driver of the #34 Dixon karting Triton. After arriving at the track they had to call the race due to severe storms passing through.

May 19, 2018

DKR travled down to Checkerd Flag Kart way in Danialsville,Ga.  This being #34 Ethan Mazarkys first race he was a little nervous but took the wheel and had a pretty good day. #33 Marty Dixon struggled all day with tires and finished 5th in the main event in Super Heavy.

June 1, 2018

Cheeseburger Nations at Foothills Speedway #33 Marty Dixon drawed some pretty bad starting positions  for the heat races so he knew he had a tough road ahead of him for the night. Competing in Clone 410,425 and 450. The crew put together a good machine and was able to make up some positions in the heat races. In the 425 class Dixon started mid pack and was able to drive it to 3rd place for a strong run for the night. In the 410 race  #33 Started mid field and was working his way to the front. moving into the 3rd pos he was clipped and turned backards going down the back sretch when another kart hit the #33 head on. Pulling under the flag stand to get the kart in position to run again. Dixon was able to fight his way up to 2nd place. Getting in the pit fast the crew a had a job ahead of them with major damage to the front of the Kart. DKR pit Crew along with  711 Motorsports was abl to get the machine back out on the track for the 425 class. Dixon again staring mid field on a wrecked gokart fought his way up to get another 3rd place finish on his PRC Recon. #34 Ethan Mazarky started on the pole of his second race ever and got a good strong run. Staring the main event in 3rd place Ethan done a fine job wheeling the PRC Triton. After getting in some trouble and spinning out  the #34 DKR Kart had a good 4th place finish for the night.

June 8, 2018

DKR headed to Checkerd Flag for a hot day of racing. #34 Ethan Mazarky had a fast kart all day running in Jr Unrestricted. Being a new driver and all the exciment he just coundlt pull off the pass to take the lead of the main event. #34 did have a strong 2 nd place finish for his 3rd race ever. DKR can't wait to see him pick up his first win. #33 Dixon run in Super Heavy and again not having any luck drawing for the heat race he started dead last  10 place. But the crew had that #33 Recon moving he drove it up to 6th place in the heat. Starting in 6th place for the main. Dixon with some onspot tires missed a wreck in turn 2 and got to 3rd place. The kart was getting faster as the laps was ticking off and getting under the 281 of Brady White head Dixon ansd Whitehead battled down the front streatch for 2nd place. DKR #33 finshed a strond 3rd and was pleased with our day.

June 29, 2018

Friday Night we traveled over to Foothills Speedway for another Summer Points Race. #33 Marty Dixon drew last place to start the heat race. Moving in to 4th place in the heat. Starting 4th in the main event Dixon drove the #33 Recon to 3rd place. With the kart getting really tight Dixon settled in 3rd place to try to seal the deal on the 2018 Points Championship.

#28 Sommer Mcclure started 2nd pos in the heat and drove the Cash powered Champ to the lead. Leading most of the heat race, Mcclure started on the pole in the main event leading every lap of the main. Coming under the white flag going into turn one for the final lap 2 pos got into her and took them both to the infield. Unfortunately it costed her the win. But leaving with a second place finish for the night.

#34 Ethan Mazarky was off for the night. DKR will be taking off this weekend to get ready for the next Points Race at Foothills.

July 13, 2018

DKR headed over to Foothills Speedway Friday night to continue the Summer points series. Racing in Junior 2, Super Heavy and Sumo. #33 Marty Dixon started off with drawing a 7th place start in the heat race.
Dixon strap his helmet on and went to battle clocking along picking up positions on every lap making to 2nd. With only 10 min to spare between the heat and Main event there was only time for minor adjustments Rolling out for the main in 2nd spot and holding the position for the entire race. With that finish should lock us in for the points Championship in Super Heavy.

#34 Ethan Mazarky starting on the pole in the heat race had a great night. Finishing 4th in his heat and driving skills getting better weekly. Staring in the 5th position behind Brody Kellum with some minor adjustments Mazarky was able to take the #34 to 2nd position for a brief moment spinning out and having to go to the rear of the field. But determined to get a good finish he settled in and brought the #34 back to 3rd position. With some more seat time and experience we expect to see that #34 in Victory lane soon.

Dixon rolling out in second position in Sumo took the lead early in the race. But slipping coming off of turn 4 he quickly found 3rd place. Dixon settled in and got it back to 2nd and was gaining on the 1 spot.

DKR didn't bring home no Checker Flags but all and all had a awesome night. We will be back at Foothills next week.

July 20, 2018

DKR was back at Foothills Hills last night. #34 Ethan Mazarky had another strong run finishing 4th in the main event out of 8 karts.
#33 Marty Dixon started on the pole for the Main in Super Heavy quickly dropped to 2nd.

Just didn’t quite have our tires where they needed to be. But should have Super Heavy Points Championship in the bag.


July 28, 2018

DKR  was at Checkered Flag for a hot filled day of racing. #34 Ethan Mazarky  run Blue Plate and Jr. Unrestricted. Had some really good runs just not any luck. Finishing 4th in Jr. Unrestricted lost a chain in Blue Plate. #33 Marty Dixon run Super Heavy and Sumo. Starting on the pole in Super Heavy sliding up out of the groove


2018 was a awesome year for DKR. We finished the Year with 2 Points Championships one in Super Heavy and Sumo. Also had a 4th place finish in Purple Plate. Sommer McClure finished up in strong in Champ  as well. We are looking forward to what 2019 brings.

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